Ontario Beats Episode 5 – Top 10 Ontario Artists of the last 50 years.

Just wanted to post an update. Episode 5 will be moved around a bit. Instead of the top 10, it will be Heavy MTL coverage for Episode 5, then maybe the top 10. I’m saving the top 10 for when we are short on material.

I’m putting together a Top 10 Ontario Artists Episode that I will be releasing in a week or two. I’ve been doing some research and I think I will have some surprises for our listeners. There is and has been so much talent coming out of Ontario for the last 50 years. I did some reading this past weekend and at least five or six bands I had no Idea stemmed from Ontario are hugely famous.
These are my picks based on my musical interests in the Pop/Rock/Soul/Folk Genres. Had to narrow it down a bit, there’s so many artists from Ontario out there. In addition to the top 10 I’ll include a bunch that are famous that didn’t make my top 10. I have my Top 10 Artitsts/Bands picked, now I’m just trying to figure out which of their songs to play. Hopefully Lisa and I can have some fun and play some tunes, maybe give you some insight into Musicians from Ontario. Stay Tuned for Ontario Beats Episode 5, It’s going to be Awesome!

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