Vaping and StinkyCanuck

My Spouse Lisa and I decided to try Vaping. We have a lot of friends and relatives that have switched from smoking to vaping so we thought, let’s give it a try. The start up cost for two people is about same price as buying domestic smokes for one person for a month, but you can get two kits and 2 sample packs of flavours from for that. Stinky Canuck
In this article I will just post my own experiences and opinions and let Lisa post her own if she feels like it.
I went to Stinky’s website last week in the afternoon and went through the options for starter kits and flavours etc, talked to friends and Stinky himself and after running everything by Lisa we decided to buy two eGo Starter Kits and Two Sampler Packs of Flavours.
eGo CE4 Starter Kit, Stinky’s Premium Damn Juice 6x6ml Sampler Pack. (Note: You must Login to see the Sampler Pack we bought)
Total for the order was $215.00 with HST and Xpress Post Shipping Included!
The order was processed and Shipped faster than you can say…Vaping Rocks!
I think I ordered around 2pm and received the order the next day by 11am!…by far this was the best online shopping experience I’ve had and I’ve been shopping online since 1999…yes I’m old LOL.

So why Start Vaping? you ask. Why not just quit smoking?
It’s Simple. I like smoking, I like the taste of my cherry cigars, I like the action of smoking and the relaxtion it gives me.
It’s one of those experiences similar to having a nice cup of coffee if your a coffee lover. (Which I am too)
IMO Vaping is a health friendly alternative that can help you quit, or just quit smoking, but keep enjoying the experience if that’s something you enjoy.

Life is short. Enjoy the things you love to do, Follow your passions and as I always say…Live, Love Laugh.



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  1. Just an update to this. Since purchasing the eGo I was able to get off little cigars completely in about two weeks and I’m now only vaping. introduced a new vanilla cigar flavour and I have settled on the Havana Cream (vanilla cigar) flavour as my main-stay. I found I had to step up from 12mg to 18mg nic juice to make the move away from Cigars. Next step will be to start cutting down the nic concentration until I’m nic free. Since there are 18, 12, and 6mg concentrations available, the jump from 18 to 12mg, then from 12 to 6 will be interesting. Haven’t decided when to do that, but probably it will be based on the amounts of juice I purchase and how long it lasts etc. Additionally I purchased an iClear16 and an iClear30 clearomizer. The single coil atomizers that come with the eGo just didn’t cut it for me. The iClear16 and 30 have dual coils and more wicks which give you better atomization and thus a better throat hit when inhaling.
    Just relaying my experiences in case anyone else is thinking about moving to vaping.
    I’m very happy to be off Cigars and away from all the carcinogenic chemicals.
    My sense of smell started returning about 4 days after getting off cigars, overall, I feel more alert and have more energy.

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