Random Thoughts on Equality

Leave the statues and monuments in place they are a reminder of mistakes of the past for some and heroes for others but most of all they serve as a monument to history whether it’s bad or good.
Put up monuments of people like Malcolm x and Rosa Parks too because they represent the changing more enlightened framework of society where all people are equal and deserve the same rights and freedoms.
Most of all do not censor free speech. Let the white supremacists speak, it’s always good to know who they are. Let those that believe in equality speak. The more free speech the more knowledge that is out there.  Let those that speak of love and understanding and living peacefully speak the loudest.
We should strive for diversity always because diversity breeds progress, but be open minded enough to listen to other people’s viewpoints.  Some you will agree with,  some you wont, in those cases you agree to disagree. Violence is never a solution and true peace can never be achieved through violent actions nor is it worth the cost.
William Rosenbblath –  January 2018
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