Jam for James 2012

This year the Jam for James will be held at the Picton Legion Hall on April 7.
Come out and Honour James’ memory and enjoy a great night of music with friends.

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  1. I think my Mom summed things up really well on her status. I think I’ll just ramble here with my thought stream. Last night was a huge success. Not only did we Double last years donations but I think everyone had a great time. A very large chunk of the money was raised from Kyle’s hair buzzing efforts and I think he deserves a special thanks for that. I have a “before”, but didn’t get a during or after shot of the cutting. I want to thank my Mom and Dad for putting together all of the arrangements for last night for the hall, the silent auction items and door prizes and everything else I can’t think of right now. Also a big thanks to the Legion for providing the Hall and the Bartender at NO CHARGE! Thanks to everyone who performed. It took a bit to get things going but for a while there we had a true JAM for JAMES going on. Jamie Stever, you are a handy guy to have around. He writes, he plays guitar, he drums with makeshift drum sticks (still don’t know where they came from lol) when there’s no other drummers stepping up … anything you can’t do Jamie 😀 Thanks to Tony forbes for always providing entertainment and telling stories about James, I love that (and I want your new guitar MF lol). Erin and Bruce, you guys are fantastic! Erin you can SING Girl! Chris/the next Slash, always a treat…8 freaking strings…WTF!. Thanks to Dave Milner for helping me load, unload, setup, packup, load and unload the equipment lol and Playing a mean bass! Thanks Daulton for being our Drum Expert and setting up the drums and getting some Roadie Experience. Thanks to ALL those that helped carrie stuff in and out. Thanks to Lisa and her Mom for printing out the Silent Auction forms and Lisa for helping get the silent auction sheets ready etc, grabbing me a drink and moral support as always. (and spending money? lol JK) Last but definitely not least, Thanks so much to everyone that came and donated your hard earned bucks. Together we can make a difference!
    See you next year, Till Then…Keep on Rockin!

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