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Facebook Integration and the Magic that is WordPress

I finished the Facebook integration completely for the new wordpress version of  It seems to work great.   I added several plugins for the site to stop spam comments.  After trying a few different turing number plugins, I settled … Continue reading

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Psychology of the Mind

I have been interested in psychology for a long time now, and had at one point even planned on attending school for behavioural psychology, and a one year certificate focusing more specifically on autism.  I’m still not sure what is … Continue reading

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Friend or Foe?

In light of a recent situation I’ve experienced, I chose to write my very first blog indirectly related to my own life.   I’ve found this article online, and, after reading it, found that the person who targeted me (whom I’ll … Continue reading

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Conversion to WordPress

So I decided to convert my blog to wordpress because they had a facebook plugin and other plugins that were better. It’s a work in progress, but I like the new blog software much better. This is the same software … Continue reading

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Being Spammed by Comments.

I’m being spammed via comments on my blog so I’m temporarily disabling comments until I get the turing numbers installed. I’ll turn on Disqus comments for now with facebook integration and see how that works. Let me know what you … Continue reading

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Working on Facebook integration for

I’m working on integrating with Facebook. Once I’m finished I’ll post a note to say so. Until then if you see a facebook login and it doesn’t work, it’s means I’m not done yet. Wil

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