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Stop Global Warming – Do Your Part and EAT!

I keep reading all these articles about how the solution to global warming is to stop eating beef.  The reasoning being the methane production from cows increases the greenhouse effect. This is from so called  “scientists” apparently that have complied … Continue reading

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New Original Song Recorded in Prince Edward County

New Original – You can count on me – Words & Music by Wil Rosenblath For Amber <3

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Post US Election Economical Concerns | Trump & the Canadian Economy

How will the outcome of the US Election effect the Canadian Economy?   If this isn’t a question you are asking yourself, it should be! Why should you care ? You ask.   I’ll tell you why. Foreign Investment in Canada … Continue reading

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Let the Games Begin!

The United Games affiliate program is now closed. Congratulations to all those that Joined the affiliate program Also , I wanted to say thanks to those that signed up to be players. Now the fun part…Let the games begin! United … Continue reading

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Memories of Prince – R.I.P. Prince Rogers Nelson | June 7 1958 – April 21 2016

I didn’t know him personally and obviously the loss that fans feel is nothing compared to the loss that his friends and family are feeling. My heart goes out to the family of Prince. When a musician who’s music brought … Continue reading

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It’s True doh

Ever since Justin Trudeau won the election Canada has seen an amazing amount of U.S. exposure compared to the usual disregard for Canada as a whole.  I remember when I studied political science as an option at the University of … Continue reading

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