Service Ontario – An Oxymoron? – April 29th Letter I wrote to the Ministry of Health

April 29th, 2009
Dear Madame,

It is with disappointment for the state of our provincial government services in the healthcare sector that I write this letter.
The idea that my healthcare coverage could “expire” simply because of a date placed on piece of plastic in itself makes me ill. For approximately
25 years I carried the same red and white card with me and received healthcare whenever it was needed. It was only recently that I ventured to a walk-in clinic after not having to see a doctor or had a need to utilize our health care system for almost 4 years, that I found out I couldn’t be treated unless I paid because there was an expire date on my fancy health card with my picture on it. Following this I spent 2 hours in sitting in pain at a refugee camp disguised as a Service Ontario office just to prove that I was eligible for health care.

After getting my temporary letter only because I had pay stubs with me that proved I had worked for the last year in Ontario (actually the last 25 or so), let alone paying taxes for the last 2 decades, I ventured to an urgent care clinic since I was in need of urgent care. Apparently the term urgent has a different meaning in the healthcare industry as for me urgent was another two hours before I could see a doctor.
I certainly have noticed that the taxes I pay haven’t expired and ceased to be taken from my paycheck every two weeks. The GST and PST I pay on a daily basis and the property taxes I pay every year never seem to expire and I have never asked the government to prove to me that it was eligible to receive my money.

I fear that in the best interests of the health care system and in an attempt to prevent fraudulent activity, those like yourself in charge of our health care system have brought about the very breakdown in the system that you were attempting to prevent. A state where honest hard working individuals are guilty until proven innocent.

I find it extremely disheartening that someone such as I, born and raised in Ontario, having lived here all my life would suddenly be faced with proving that I am eligible for health care. I furthermore put forth the name Service Ontario is an oxymoron.

You will find attached a copy of my birth certificate. I trust this will allow YOU to correct the lack of consistency between YOUR records and that of the Ontario Registrar that has caused me so much grief and a loss of faith in my province to manage healthcare. I will no longer defend our system of healthcare to my American friends when they poke holes in it.


William A. C. Rosenblath,
IT Systems Engineer

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  1. colleen lopez says:

    Hi Cousin, Please oh please can I pass your letter on to my folks down here who are so interested in Government run health care. Since Obama has come into office our democracy is quickly turning into something else that I would rather not say.

    Take care and better luck!
    your cuz, Colleen

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